SEO SWOT Analysis for Nonprofits

SEO SWOT Questions

The following questions will help you implement an SEO strategy for your nonprofit organisation.

SEO Strengths

Strengths are an internal factor and are typically the easiest thing to detail so we start here.
• What do you rank well for currently?
• What are your digital assets? Website? Content? Tools? Knowledge?
• What is your very best asset?
• What makes you different from other organisations?
• What ranks well currently?
• What drives the most organic traffic?
• What are your best links?
• What previous SEO had the best results?

SEO Weaknesses

Weaknesses are again internal. And determining weaknesses is not so easy. You will have to be honest.
• Which areas need improvement? Website? Content? Links? Strategy?
• What do your competitors do better than you?
• Where are your competitors stronger than? Content? Links?
• Do you have the requisite SEO skills in house?
• Do you have the budget required to reach your SEO objectives?
• How far are you behind the competition? In what areas?
• What content is currently driving little to no traffic?
• Which SEO tactics have previously failed to deliver?

SEO Opportunities

Your SEO opportunities are born out of the strengths and weaknesses. Strengths are areas to be built upon. Weaknesses are areas to be explored.
• What content could be built that would have significant impact?
• What aspects of the site could be optimized to improve results?
• What areas of the site that do well could be expanded to do better?
• What weaknesses are easily resolved?
• What link sources are we yet to tap into?
• Are there any changes to the search engine results we can leverage?

SEO Threats

Threats are the hardest element and needs to be based on an understanding of your own weaknesses and your competitors strengths. This also needs a critical appraisal of how search engine results are constantly changing in ways that could hurt your organisation.
• Which competitors are strong where you are weak?
• Are newer, less experienced competitors improving their SEO?
• Is the gap between you and your competitors growing?
• Are search engine results changing in a way that could impact your nonprofit? (more ads, new SERP features etc)
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